Procedural rights observed by the Camera

Audiovisual recording of interrogations in the EU, 2018-2019

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Procedural rights observed by the camera – Audiovisual recording of interrogations in the EU (ProCam) is a multijurisdictional research project on the audiovisual recording of police interrogations of suspects, including minors and vulnerable persons funded by the European Union’s Justice Programme. It aims at mapping the link between audiovisual recording of interrogations and the enforcement of the rights of defendants, with special regard to the so-called Roadmap directives, along with an EU-wide identification of good practices of recording interrogations of vulnerable persons and understanding concerns about audiovisual recording of

Co-ordinated by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, national research was carried out by local project partners:

● Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Hungary)
● Associazione Antigone (Italy)
● Fair Trials (France)
● Human Rights House Zagreb (Croatia)
● Liga Lidských Prav (Czech Republic)

The results of national research – which included an analysis of the legal framework, statistical data, and empirical research – were summarized in five individual country reports.

These reports were the basis for this comparative study, which begins with discussing the basic principles and jurisprudence governing the legislation pertaining to audiovisual recording of interrogations. It analyses the jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights and highlights findings of international human rights agencies. The report includes summaries of the national jurisdictions and comparisons of the most relevant legal provisions, and practical consequences and attitudes of the relevant national stakeholders.