Short Update: Strict quarantine enforced in refugee camps in Greece

Article by Fair Trials

The Greek government has imposed strict quarantine on migrants and asylum seekers in the Moria camp on the Island of Lesbos. While the number of infections in the general population has risen, only one case of COVID-19 has been recently confirmed among the residents of the camp. However, migrants and asylum seekers in the Moria camp continue to be subject to mass quarantine in conditions that put their physical and mental health at risk.

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and other organisations have been calling for the total evacuation of all the residents of the Moria camp to safe accommodation on Lesbos, the mainland or other EU states. In particular, MSF have said that there are around 200 people who are at serious risk of COVID-19 because of their age and underlying health conditions, and who should be moved urgently.

Quarantine was also imposed in the Oinofyta refugee camp after two confirmed cases of COVID-19 earlier this week. The refugee camp, which was built for 500 people, is currently thought to host more than a thousand residents.

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