Webinar: Defence rights in evidentiary procedures - Part one


Evidence forms the basis of a criminal case. But what happens when it is gathered illegally or improperly? What remedies are in place in the EU and how effective are they?

The DREP project explored whether existing rules and practice on the admissibility of evidence are sufficient to address violations of procedural rights in evidence-gathering procedures, offer meaningful remedies, and prevent future violations.

During this online event, we present the DREP Regional Report, discuss the current state of play and explore possible solutions to improve access to effective remedy in evidentiary proceedings.

Panel 1 – Evidentiary remedies in practice: current state of play
The first panel will present the findings of the DREP report, discussing regional and national practices and their impact on defence rights protected under EU law. It will focus on the theoretical aspects of remedies, as well as the practice of the European Court of Human Rights and national courts.

-Paulo Sérgio Pinto de Albuquerque, Professor of Catholic University of Lisbon
-Marcin Wolny, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in Poland
-Michele Panzavolta, Associate Professor of Catholic University of Leuven