Case Studies

Natalia Gorczowska: European Arrest Warrant


Natalia Gorczowska is a 23-year-old Polish national and mother of a one year-old child.* She had a terrible childhood in Poland and adopted a self-destructive lifestyle, resulting in her arrest at the age of 17 for possession of a small quantity of amphetamines for personal use.

She was convicted and given a 10-month suspended sentence. One of the conditions imposed was that she undergo drug rehabilitation. Aged 18, Natalia travelled to the UK and has since broken her addiction. She has had stable employment and in March 2011, had her son, for which she is the sole carer.

Despite this, she is now facing the threat of extradition to Poland to serve the 10 month prison sentence imposed on her when she was 17 because she left Poland without informing her parole officer. If extradited, her child could be taken into care as there are no other family members that could care for him.

Thankfully, following an extensive campaign, the Polish authorities agreed to drop their request to extradite Natalia. The Serious Organised Crime Agency subsequently confirmed that Natalia’s European Arrest Warrant was rescinded, leaving Natalia to get on with her life.

*This information was correct as of April 2018.