Case Studies

Mohammed Abadi: Tortured in pre-trial detention


Mohammed Abadi*, an Iraqi national with British refugee status, was arrested in Malaga, Spain, in 2005 for alleged terrorist activities. Immediately after his arrest, Mohammed claims he was taken to a place which police officers referred to as a “medical facility”, where he was stripped naked and humiliated. He was then interrogated without a lawyer present and refused access to any consular or legal assistance.

Mohammed spent over two years in pre-trial detention enduring terrible conditions. He was verbally and physically abused during the course of his detention. At one point, he was refused water and all food except pork (which he cannot eat for religious reasons).

When Mohammed was finally brought to trial in summer of 2010, he was acquitted of all charges. His case highlights the need to ensure access to legal assistance for defendants and address the terrible conditions of pre-trial detention in some Member State prisons.

*Names have been changed for confidentiality

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