Case Studies

Fiqiri's story: Forced to give up the right to a fair trial

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When Fiqiri was arrested, he was forced to sign away his right to a trial. He didn’t understand the agreement, but faced with no other option, he accepted guilt in return for probation. If a trial had taken place, Fiqiri would have been quickly acquitted: he was not guilty.

Unfortunately, Fiqiri’s story is not unique. Trial waiver systems are on the rise across Europe, as States want to handle cases quickly, regardless of whether people are innocent or guilty. Out of fear or uncertainty, people accept deals they should never enter into.

“They think that people are all the same, but we are not the same.” Without stronger safeguards, our criminal justice systems will continue failing people like Fiqiri.

We have been working with our partners to ensure that no-one is coerced into giving up their right to a fair trial. Watch our webinar on trial waiver systems in Europe.

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