Case Studies

Edmond Arapi: Convicted without knowledge of his trial


British resident Edmond Arapi faced extradition to Italy to serve a 16 year sentence for a crime which was committed while he was at work in the UK. He was tried and convicted of killing a man in Italy in October 2004 – but Edmond had no idea that he was wanted for a crime or that the trial even took place.

In fact, Edmond hadn’t left the UK at all between the years of 2000-2006. Edmond was arrested in June 2009 at Gatwick Airport on a European Arrest Warrant, while returning from a family holiday.

Following a high-profile campaign, on the very day of his extradition appeal and only a few days after the birth of his son, Italian authorities announced it would withdraw the European Arrest Warrant, admitting that they had sought Mr. Arapi in error.

In July 2012 an Italian court awarded Edmond nearly £18,000 in compensation for his Arrest Warrant ordeal.