Case Studies

Abdeljalil: Cross border ordeal


Abdeljalil is a Moroccan national who entered Croatia from Serbia in March of 2015 with three other Moroccans.

They were apprehended by the police and placed in custody at a police station at the Bajakovo Batrovci border crossing. Abdeljalil and the others were held there for three days. A fire was started in one of the cells, which resulted in the death of several detainees, and very serious injuries to others, including Abdeljalil. This was just the start of Abdeljalil’s ordeal.

He filed a claim to seek asylum in Croatia. After being treated in a hospital for a couple of months, he tried to cross the border to Slovenia because he had suffered very serious burns and wasn’t receiving adequate support and medical aid in Croatia. He received treatment in Slovenia for two months but was returned to Croatia as prescribed by the Dublin procedure. It was established by a psychologist that due to his experiences of mistreatment throughout his time in Croatia he suffers from PTSD.

“I’m not satisfied at all. I don’t sleep because I did not get my justice.”

His asylum claim was rejected due to “security reasons” and his lawyer filed a claim for approval of a humanitarian stay which was also rejected in 2017. Since he didn’t leave Croatia and his status was not regularised, he was apprehended by the police in January 2018 and then returned to Morocco in May 2018. His case is currently* being decided at the European Court for Human Rights and he has a compensation claim for suffered harm and damages, filed in Croatia.

*This information was correct as of December 2018.