Defending the
Human Right
to a
Fair Trial

Charity Information

Fair Trials is a human rights organisation that works to uphold fair trial rights, according to internationally recognised standards of justice. Our vision is a world where every person’s right to a fair trial is respected.

Fair Trials is an independent non-profit organisation with no party-political affiliations. We are funded by a combination of charitable grants and donations. We do not receive core funding from any government and are not paid for any of the assistance we provide. Fair Trials is governed by a board of volunteer Trustees, responsible for the charity’s strategic direction and financial management.

“Fair Trials” includes Fair Trials International and Fair Trials Europe. Fair Trials International is a registered charity (no. 1134586) and in 2010 was incorporated with limited liability in England and Wales (No. 7135273). In May 2014, Fair Trials International founded Fair Trials Europe, which is a registered public foundation in Belgium (registered number 0552.688.677). We were initially founded in 1992 with the names “Fair Trials Abroad”.

Fair Trials has offices in London and Brussels and employs a small team of ten expert staff. We benefit from the generous support of volunteers, who give freely of their time and expertise, and we rely on the expertise and collaboration of local expert partners and on our networks of fair trial defenders.

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Case for Support Cover An introduction to Fair Trials 

This provides an overview of our recent work, detailing our achievements, and our vision for the future of the organisation.



Current Charity Information

Below you can download our most recent accounts.

FTI accounts 2014-15

Fair Trials International’s full accounts for the year ending March 31st 2015

FTI accounts 2013-14

Fair Trials International’s full accounts for the year ending March 31st, 2014.