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The right to a fair trial is one of the cornerstones of a just society. Without fair trials, innocent people are convicted and the rule of law and public faith in the justice system collapse. Fair Trials International is a unique human rights charity that helps people facing criminal charges all over the world to protect this basic right. We campaign against human rights abuses in the criminal justice context and advocate for better respect for fair trial rights.

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Arrested Abroad – Need Help?

The barriers to obtaining a fair trial can seem enormous if you have been arrested abroad, where you don't speak the local language, have no idea of your rights and are far from home. Fair Trials International can help you identify local lawyers, offer practical guidance, and advise you and your local lawyer about your fair trial rights under international law.

Our current campaigns

Fair Trials International campaigns to tackle the underlying causes of injustice in criminal cases and advocates for the better protection of fair trial rights.

Europe must cooperate to fight serious crime but this must not be at the expense of our basic rights and freedoms. We believe that Europe should work together to improve basic fair trial rights – not undermine them.

Fair Trials International is campaigning for Justice in Europe, by ensuring that the EU:

Interpol is the world’s largest international policing organization and, each year, issues thousands of ‘red notices’. These international “wanted” alerts can have a devastating human impact.

Even though some of Interpol’s 190 member countries are known human rights abusers and notoriously corrupt, there are no effective mechanisms to prevent these countries abusing the red notice system. Red notices have been used to pursue political opponents, journalists and human rights defenders.

Fair Trials International is campaigning for improvements to prevent these abuses of Interpol. We also believe that people subject to red notices should be given a reasonable chance to challenge them through a fair and transparent process.

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    Join our campaign: put fair trials at the heart of EU justice

    Want to help us put fair trials at the heart of the EU? Click here to tweet your support. 
    On May 22nd, millions of citizens

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    Guest post – Almhairat case further shows INTERPOL shortcomings

    Earlier this year, Rebecca Meads of Peters & Peters successfully had an INTERPOL Red Notice removed on behalf of a Jordanian

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    Guest post: Pre-trial detention in Malawi

    Continuing our series of guest posts on pre-trial detention, Charlotte Mackenzie from the Malawi Bail Project takes a look at

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    Pakistan’s baby prosecution provides cause for concern

    The news that a 9 month baby was charged with attempted murder in Pakistan has rightly raised eyebrows across the world.

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    Event: persecution of human rights defenders in the former Soviet Union

    Join us for an exciting discussion on the persecution of human rights defenders in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and other FSU

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    Presumption of innocence is life or death matter in Japan

    The re-emergence of a longstanding death penalty case shows why Japan needs to change its ways, says Jago Russell.
    The New York

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    Pre-trial detention used to force confessions in Lithuania

    A report from Lithuania shows why thousands of suspects face unnecessary and unlawful detention.
    A Lithuanian NGO and member of

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    Unfair trials are a “tyrant’s favourite tool” in Belarus

    Belarusian regime must abandon political prosecutions and deliver open justice, says Fair Trials' Chief Executive Jago Russell.

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    Not a fantasy, but extradition regime is still needed

    This week the UK saw a debate between the leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg and the leader of the UK Independence

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    Guest Post: Proposed Lithuanian legislation undermines EU standards

    Following Fair Trials' submission to the Lithuanian Parliament, LEAP Member Rolandas Tilindis explains the country's position on

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    What does US Senate action mean for fair trial rights?

    The US Senate has somewhat controversially blocked the appointment of a top legal figure. Daniel Eck, a volunteer with Fair

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    Guest Post: New EU Directive on Translation and Interpretation in Romania

    Since October 2013, EU countries have been legally obliged to ensure that anyone arrested or facing criminal charges receives

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    UK finalises extradition reforms

    New safeguards against injustice have been introduced into the UK’s extradition arrangements with the rest of Europe by the

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    European Commission calls for ongoing work to protect fair trial rights

    One week after Fair Trials and the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP) launched a major new report identifying priorities for

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    Guest post: Irish Supreme Court protects the right to access a lawyer

    Although countries have agreed internationally binding standards to protect fair trial rights, we know that, in practice, many

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    European Parliament event makes call for fair trial rights

    On Tuesday, 4th March, Fair Trials celebrated the publication of its major new report, “Stockholm’s Sunset,” with an event

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    New report sets out priorities for the future of EU criminal justice policy

    Fair Trials International has today published a major report which sets out priorities for the future of EU criminal justice

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    European Parliament backs our extradition reforms

    The European Parliament has voted to adopt a report calling for reform of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW), answering persistent

    French Ministry of Justice
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    Guest Post: Translation and interpretation in France

    Since October 2013, EU countries have been legally obliged to ensure that anyone arrested or facing criminal charges receives

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    Guest post: German citizens detained over outdated arrest warrant

    In this guest post Doris Alina Serban, a Romanian defence lawyer, questions whether Romania places undue trust in other

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    Fair Trials invites you to the launch of new report

    On 4 March 2014, Fair Trials and the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP) will be hosting an event at the European Parliament in

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