Defending the
Human Right
to a
Fair Trial

Linda Carty - USA

It is everybody’s worst nightmare to be convicted of a crime they didn’t commit… Time is now running out and I appeal to every one of you and the British government to help me. - Linda Carty

Linda Carty, a British national and dedicated teacher and community leader, is facing death by lethal injection after being convicted by a court in Texas on charges of ordering a murder. Fair Trials International is highly concerned about the circumstances surrounding Linda’s trial in the US. In particular, Linda was denied the opportunity to choose her own representation at the trial and received ineffectual representation from her court appointed lawyer.

Linda reports having previously worked for the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as a confidential informant to catch drug traffickers. It is her belief that she was framed for the murder as the result of local drug dealers uncovering her true identity. The three co-defendants, found guilty of murder, were career criminals who did not receive capital punishment on the agreement that they would testify against Linda. Linda has now had her final appeal to the federal New Orleans court denied. She now faces execution by lethal injection.

Last updated: 17 August 2012