Defending the
Human Right
to a
Fair Trial

Residential Training

We are not currently providing residential training sessions but we will advertise any further training on this page.

Watch the participants discuss a recent Bucharest training session here.

Since 2009, Fair Trials has been coordinating residential training courses for defence lawyers from across Europe.

Between 2014 and 2016, we worked in partnership with five NGOs in GreeceHungaryLithuaniaPoland and Romania to deliver training to 240 lawyers from all 28 EU Member States.

This programme was designed to provide targeted and practical support to defence lawyers, who work day in, day out as the front-line defenders of the human right to a fair trial. They are crucial to ensuring that new EU procedural rights laws (that Fair Trials helped to secure) are being used in practice to protect their suspects’ rights and to challenge systemic abuse.

The focus of this training was on working with participants and members of our LEAP network to develop practical strategies to uphold defence rights. They also provided the perfect opportunity for participants to meet other lawyers from across Europe and share experiences and ideas for innovative ways of protecting the right to a fair trial.

The in-person training is supplemented by online training courses and materials which are freely available via the Fair Trials website.

The first training session under this project was held in November 2014 in Warsaw. You can find out more about this session here.

Our training is always well received by the lawyers who attend. Previous participants have described it as “first class,” “very practical” and “incredibly well thought-through,” and praised “the knowledge and genuine enthusiasm of the course tutors.”

European-commission-300x200All of this training is provided free of charge and is made possible through generous support from the European Commission.