Defending the
Human Right
to a
Fair Trial

Pre-trial Detention

The excessive use of pre-trial detention is becoming a growing area of concern. Regional human rights standards set the parameters of when pre-trial detention is justified and recent legal changes have given practitioners a right to the information they need to challenge detention on remand.

This course will highlight the important role lawyers can play in the decision-making process on pre-trial detention. It will provide an overview of international standards and show how this can be used in practice in day-to-day cases.

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This training was developed in conjunction with Fair Trials’ Legal Experts Advisory Panel (LEAP) with the financial support of the Justice Programme of the European Commission.

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Aims and Objectives of Training
Unit 2 Key Concepts
Module 2 The Context
Unit 1 Pre-Trial Detention and the Right to a Fair Trial
Unit 2 Impact on Prison Conditions
Unit 3 Detention Conditions
Module 3 The Law
Unit 1 International and Regional Standards
Unit 2 ECtHR Case Law
Unit 3 Relevant EU Standards
Module 4 Specific Issues Arising in Practice
Unit 1 Access to the Case File
Unit 2 Non-National Defendants/European Supervision Order
Unit 3 Challenging Existence of Grounds
Unit 4 Lack of Detailed Review
Unit 5 Alternatives to Detention
Module 5 Summary
Unit 1 Summary
Module 6 Final Quiz!
Unit 1 Final Quiz
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