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Access to a Lawyer

In 2013, the European Union passed a Directive guaranteeing all suspects and defendants effective and confidential access to a lawyer throughout criminal proceedings. This followed a flagship decision on the right of access to a lawyer by the ECtHR (Salduz v Turkey) which has already had a direct impact on legal practice in Scotland.

This course will provide an overview of the Access to a Lawyer Directive and practical guidance for lawyers on how to make effective use of this new legislation in their day-to-day practice.

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Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Aims and Objectives of Training
Unit 2 Key Concepts
Module 2 The Context
Unit 1 Access to a Lawyer: The Gateway Right
Unit 2 Problems Within the EU
Module 3 International and Regional Standards
Unit 1 International Standards
Unit 2 ECHR and ECtHR Case Law
Unit 3 The EU Directive and Other Overlapping Measures
Unit 4 The ECHR Baseline
Unit 5 Relevant Provisions of the Directive
Unit 6 Using the Directive in Practice
Unit 7 Cross-Border (European Investigation Order) Issues
Unit 8 Interconnection of the Roadmap Directives
Unit 9 Impact on National Law
Module 4 Challenges in Practice
Unit 1 Waivers
Unit 2 Relevant Provisions of the Directive - Waivers
Unit 3 Using the Directive in Practice - Waivers
Unit 4 Derogations
Unit 5 Dual Representation in EAW Cases
Module 5 Summary
Unit 1 Summary Video
Module 6 Final Quiz!
Unit 1 Final Quiz
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