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Country Specific Training

This page is designed to present a set of training materials produced by the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (‘LEAP’ ) relating to new EU norms on criminal procedure.

Since 2009, EU has been legislating on defence rights under the Roadmap for strengthening procedural rights of suspected or accused persons in criminal proceedings, with a view to strengthening mutual confidence between Member States’ criminal justice systems. The measures adopted Directive 2010/64/EU on the right to interpretation & translation in criminal proceedings (the ‘Interpretation & Translation Directive’ ); Directive 2012/13/EU on the right to information in criminal proceedings (‘Right to Information Directive’ [Bulgarian equivalent]); and Directive 2013/48/EU on the right of access to a lawyer (the ‘Access to a Lawyer’ Directive’ [Bulgarian equivalent]).

Across the EU, there are problems with the way these measures have been implemented in national law, which leaves individuals without rights they are intended to have under EU law. It is therefore important to for lawyers to use the Directives in practice to assert the EU norms.

LEAP has therefore produced ‘Toolkits’ [maintain this word] which aim to provide general guidance to assist lawyers in all countries in the use of these Directives. These include a Toolkit on the Interpretation & Translation Directive, a Toolkit on the Right to Information Directive, and a Toolkit on Using EU Law in Criminal Practice.

LEAP has sought to adapt these resources to facilitate their use at the national level, providing local-language forewords and identifying “Local Focus Issues” where the Directives may be used strategically.



This foreword includes some guidance to Bulgarian lawyers on access to the case file for persons deprived of liberty. The reader should also review the set of selected Bulgarian translated extracts of the Toolkits (‘Bulgarian extracts’). This video foreword presents a set of training materials produced by the Legal Experts Advisory Panel (‘LEAP’ [maintain English acronym]) relating to new EU norms on criminal procedure and presents one concrete idea as to how these can be used in the Bulgarian legal context.

Bulgarian Foreword (PDF)

Bulgarian toolkit extracts (PDF)





Finnish toolkit extracts (PDF)



Right to Translation and Interpretation – Portuguese toolkit (English)
Right to Translation and Interpretation – Portuguese toolkit (Portuguese)
Training on the Translation and Interpretation Directive (English)


European-commission-300x200This work was co-funded by the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Commission and would not have been possible without their support.