Defending the
Human Right
to a
Fair Trial

Legal Training

Fair Trials provides in-person and online training to hundreds of lawyers each year.

Defence lawyers work day in, day out as the front-line defenders of the human right to a fair trial. One of our core goals is to help them to do this crucial work as effectively as possible, by enabling them to understand international standards and to make sure they are being used in practice to protect their clients’ rights and to challenge systemic abuse.

Residential training

We are not currently running any residential training sessions, but we will advertise any further sessions on this page.

Watch the participants discuss the recent Bucharest training session here.

Since 2009, Fair Trials has been coordinating residential training courses for defence lawyers from across Europe. All of this training is provided free of charge.

Over the past two years, we have provided training sessions to 240 lawyers in all 28 EU member states. The training events have taken place all over Europe, including Poland, Greece, Hungary, France and the UK, and provided knowledge and practical skills on using the three new EU procedural rights Directives (right to interpretation and translationright to information in criminal proceedings, and right of access to a lawyer).

The focus of this training was on on developing practical strategies to uphold defence rights – including worked examples on how to use the Directives to address poor practice in different jurisdictions.

Read more about our recent training courses, which took place across Europe, here.

Online training

With an estimated 1 million lawyers in the European Union, we realise that we will never be able to reach everyone through in-person training. That is why we have launched a series of innovative e-training courses which are designed to educated lawyers about international fair trial standards and are available free of charge.

The first three courses focus on the enforcement of EU criminal law in domestic criminal proceedings, and provide a practical guide to two new EU Directives, on the right to translation and interpretation, and the right to information in criminal proceedings.

The three courses are delivered by the Fair Trials’ Law Reform team in an engaging tutorial format, complete with sections to allow participants to test their knowledge. The training is available electronically via the Fair Trials website, and allows users to navigate directly to topics that are of most relevance to them.

Find out more about our free e-training courses here.

We also have worked with LEAP to produce three Roadmap Practitioner Toolkits which can act as a key guide for criminal lawyers to utilitse the Directives to ensure their implementation and protect individual defence rights across the EU.

Toolkit: Using EU Law in Criminal Practice

Toolkit: Right to Information in Criminal Proceedings Directive

Toolkit: Interpretation and Translation Directive

Toolkit: Access to a Lawyer Directive