Defending the
Human Right
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Fair Trial

Advisory Board Members

Stefan Schumann, University of Linz, Austria

Linz, SchumannStefan Schumann is a researcher and lecturer at the University of Linz, Austria, having gained experience as a researcher at German and Austrian universities as well as at the German Foreign Office and as a lawyer. His research focuses on transnational criminal justice and a systematic approach to European criminal law, on human rights in a multilevel network of jurisdiction and on the interaction of European, international and domestic law.

Stefan has published widely and undertaken research with a particular interest in pre-trial detention and early criminal defence rights, and serves as an additional representative for the Academic Council of the United Nations System to the United Nations.

Selected publications:

Schumann S. Suchtmitteldelinquenz aus strafrechtlicher Sicht. Überlegungen zur Kriminalisierung und dem geschützten Rechtsgut, in: Journal für Strafrecht, Number 5-6, Page(s) 194-200, 2013.

Schumann S., Soyer R., Bruckmüller K. Assessing pre-trial access to legal advice – Results of a Comparative Legal and Empirical Study, in: New Journal of European Criminal Law (NJECL), Page(s) 31-49, 2012.

Schumann S., Soyer R. Verteidigungsrechte im Vorverfahren – Eine rechtstatsächliche Forschung über Voraussetzungen und Bedingungen einer Effektuierung anwaltlicher Notdienste, in: Strafverteidiger, Page(s) 495-501, 2012.

Christophe Marchand, Jus Cogens, Belgium

MarchandChristophe Marchand is a specialised criminal law attorney based in Brussels, Belgium. He deals with complex and international cases including money laundering, murder, human trafficking, drug trafficking, terrorism, international humanitarian law and extradition. He has expertise in human rights and terrorism issues, especially in North Africa. Christophe qualified as an attorney in 1996 and is a partner at the law firm Jus Cogens in Brussels.

He completed his legal training with a Masters in International Law at the University of Brussels (2006). He has written several articles on issues related to criminal law, international criminal law, human rights and terrorism.

Christophe is also a former member of the board of the Belgian “Ligue des Droits de l’Homme”, often represents the Belgian Bar Association to discuss new legal measures in criminal law at government or Parliament level, and is also involved in an important Belgian NGO (Centre d’Action Laïque) where he is the president of the drug policy reform group. Christophe has been Associate Researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Fundamental Rights and Constitutionalism) since 2012.

His involvement in the activities of FTI is guided by his interest in the high level seminaries in questions related to European Criminal Law and the exchange of information and know-how for (international) litigation.

Christophe’s work focuses on strategic litigation involving  collaboration with other lawyers, human rights NGOs and universities. He is a cooperative attorney at ECCHR (Berlin).

Christophe has been leading the defense team that gained the condemnation of Belgium in a steppingstone case related to the use of evidence obtained by torture in third parties to the European Convention on Human Rights (El Haski v/ Belgium, ECtHR, 25/09/2012).

With his partners in the law firm Juscogens, he also litigated and obtained the condemnation of Belgium (Court of Appeal Brussels, 9/9/2014), Morocco (UN Comity against Torture, 27/5/2014) and Spain (UN Human Rights Comity, 28/8/2014) in the case of Ali Aarrass, a Belgian-Moroccan national extradited illegally by Spain to Morocco, tortured by Morocco, and left in the Moroccan jails without consular assistance from the Belgian Embassy. He is currently a member of the defense team of Edward Snowden.

Asya Mandzhukova, Mandzhukova Shopov Petrov Law Firm, Bulgaria

Asya_Pic and LogoAsya O. Mandzhukova-Stoyanova is a criminal lawyer and a founding partner at Mandzhukova Shopov Petrov Law Firm ( based in Sofia, Bulgaria. She has over ten years of practice in the field of criminal law and is specializing mainly in documentary, economical and tax crimes. Attorney Mandzhukova has successfully participated in several high profile criminal cases of great public interest, both on the side of the victims and of the defendants.

She often undertakes the pro-bono defence of people facing ungrounded charges, who have stood against the authorities or have suffered police violence. She is a regular public commenter and criticizer of the legislative activity of the Bulgarian parliament, especially when it comes to draft-bills threatening the human, citizens or procedural rights of the individual.

Lidija Horvat, Croatia

LidijaLidija Horvat is a lawyer based in Zagreb, Croatia, specialising in international law and the application of the European Convention in domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Since August 2007, Lidija has been working in her own legal offices, having previously worked within the law firm Martinovic, Adzic & Horvat as a lawyer and partner at ZOU.

Outside of legal practice, Lidija has also obtained duty as a permanent court interpreter for the English language.

As an attorney, Lidija has filed two hundred law suits concerning inhuman and degrading treatments (art. 3 of European Convention) in Croatian prisons before Croatian Courts. She works a lot both on criminal cases and cases concerning protection of human rights.

Selected publications:

Horvat, L., ‘Provisions of confiscation of proceeds to the latest amendments to the Criminal Code’ in: Odvjetnik (“Lawyer“), no. 7-8 / 10, 2010.

Horvat, L., ‘Investigative Detention’ in the Croatian Yearbook of International Law and Practice, vol. 16, no. 2/2009.

Ondřej Múka, Miroslav Krutina, Czech Republic

Ondrej MukaOndřej Múka is a lawyer at the firm of Krutina & Co in the Czech Republic, specialising in criminal defence, cross-border cases, extradition, human rights and data protection. Ondřej worked for the Czech Helsinki Committee until 2008 and is a member of the Czech Bar Association, the European Criminal Bar Association, and the Czech National Group of the International Association of Penal Law.

Ondřej is a practising attorney with a criminal law specialization. He represents defendants and also victims in criminal court proceedings (mostly in economic crime cases) including representation before the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and representation of applicants before the European Court of Human Rights. As an attorney he also represents clients against the state concerning their claims for compensation, especially that resulting from criminal proceedings.

Ondřej represents clients in extradition proceedings related to EU member states (especially the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland) and also in relation to countries outside the EU (Russia, Ukraine, Israel). He also produces expert opinion for cases taking place outside of the Czech Republic, providing relevant cooperation and opinions in their cases if there are issues of the Czech legislation and judicial practice.

He is involved in organizations on a national level promoting the rights of the defense and defendants. He also passes comment on laws and their implementation in practice.

Jaanus Tehver, Tehver & Partners, Estonia

Tehver, Jaanus TehverJaanus Tehver is a defence lawyer and member of the Board of the Estonian Bar Association. From 1998-1999, he belonged to a team of experts drafting the new Estonian Penal Code. In 2005-2007, he took part in the project ‘The International Criminal Court from the perspective of defence lawyers’ at the Academy of European Law (ERA).    

Jaanus has acted as a national expert in several EU-wide research projects in the field of criminal law and procedure, including the European Arrest Warrant procedure, and has lectured on issues of defence rights and criminal procedure at various seminars and conferences all over Europe.

Dominique Tricaud, Tricaud-Traynard Avocats Associés, France

Tricaud, DominiqueDominique Tricaud is a founding partner at Tricaud-Traynard Avocats Associés based in Paris and the General Secretary for the Helsinki Committee in France. He is also a former member of the Conseil de l’Ordre of the Paris Bar and has substantial experience in fundamental rights law, working regularly on extradition cases.Dominique has worked with FTI on several cases with a cross-border dimension including EAW cases.

Dominique recently became a Patron of FTI.

Oliver Wallasch, Wallasch & Koch, Germany

Wallasch, OliverOliver Wallasch is a partner at Wallasch & Koch attorneys, a practice based in Frankfurt which encompasses criminal defence work, extradition proceedings and international criminal law. Oliver has been working purely in criminal law for 18 years, and is known for his expertise in cross-border, extradition and human rights cases. He provides training for young defense counsels, especially from Eastern Europe.

Oliver has acted as lead counsel in many high profile cases, including the extradition procedure of Paul Watson, environmentalist and founder of Sea Shepard. He has supported Fair Trials International for many years.

Georgios D. Pyromallis, Georgios D. Pyromallis Law Office, Greece

GeorgiosGeorge Pyromallis is the head of the George Pyromallis Law Office, founded in 2006. He was admitted to the Athens Bar in 1996, and from 1995-2006 he worked as an associate in the criminal litigation department at Anagnostopoulos Bazinas & Fifis Law Offices. George has served in the Special Legal Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Hellenic Republic (in the Human Rights’ Department).

He was a member of the Greek Committee for the drafting and translating of the Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) and participated in several task forces in the field of international criminal law. He also participated as the sole representative of Greece in the seminars (held in Trier – ERA) for defence counsels before the ICC and he is entitled to appear before the ICC in the Hague.

As a criminal law practitioner George Pyromallis specialises in business and financial crime, and has participated in most significant white collar and business crime cases in Greece during the last 15 years. He has extensive experience in most types of business crimes, financial fraud, money laundering, corruption practices, anti-terrorism, insider trading, medical malpractice, product liability, subsidies fraud, European Arrest Warrant, extradition and mutual assistance.

András Kádár, Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Hungary

HHC AndrasAndrás Kádár is an attorney at law and co-chair of the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (HHC), a human rights NGO focusing on access to justice, defence rights, law enforcement issues and non-discrimination. András has provided legal representation in cases of human rights violation before domestic and international forums, including the European Court of Human Rights.

Cases András has been involved in include X.Y. v. Hungary, Hagyo v. Hungary, Engel v. Hungary. He has also participated in the HHC’s various research and advocacy projects in these areas. Between 2008 and 2014 he was a member of the Independent Police Complaints Board, a civilian oversight body elected by and operating under the Hungarian Parliament.

Dara Robinson, Sheehan & Partners, Ireland

DaraDara Robinson is a partner at Sheehan & Partners, based in Dublin. Dara was the Chairman of the Law Society Council Criminal Law Committee for three years. He specialises in criminal law and has substantial cross-border experience. Dara frequently writes and lectures on criminal law, mental health law and human rights topics and has contributed a number of chapters to joint Law Society/OUP manuals.

Dara is a former member of the Law Society Council, and has been a member of the Society’s Criminal Law Committee since 1998, including a 3 year period as Chairman. He is Vice-Chair of the Society’s Regulation of Practice Committee and a member of the Money Laundering Reporting Committee. He is a Chairman of Mental Health Tribunals, and a member of the DSBA Mental Health Law Committee.

He frequently writes and lectures on criminal law, mental health law and human rights topics and has contributed a number of chapters to joint Law Society/OUP manuals. He is a member of the European Criminal Bar Association, and the (UK) Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers.

Nicola Canestrini, CanestriniLex, Italy

Nicola Canestrini is an Italian criminal defence lawyer since 2001 and the managing partner of CanestriniLex law firm. His work mainly covers Italian and European criminal law and Italian criminal defence, with a particular focus on extradition and cross border, human-rights related criminal cases.

Among others, he has been visiting professor at the University of Ferrara, where he lectured on human rights and international humanitarian law. Nicola has been chair of the regional criminal bar association, and is currently a member of the European Criminal Lawyer Association, the Extradition Lawyers Association, the International Criminal Bar and the European Criminal Law Observatory of the Italian Union of Criminal Lawyers. Since 2016, he is the coordinator of the “Endangered Lawyers” project, which collects and disseminates information about threatened lawyers across the world.

In addition to extensive in-court experience, he contributes to several law reviews and is a member of the Editorial Board of the Italian law journal Giurisprudenza Penale.

Karolis Liutkevicus, Human Rights Monitoring Institute, Lithuania

Karolis Liutkevičius is a Legal Officer at the Human Rights Monitoring Institute in Lithuania, and has been with the organization since July 2011. Karolis holds a Master of Laws degree from Vilnius University Faculty of Law. His main areas of expertise include human rights protection in the criminal justice system and the legal regime of right to privacy.

Karolis has conducted extensive research into the use of pre-trial detention in Lithuania, as well as other criminal proceedings issues and is responsible for carrying out legal advocacy in the area of criminal justice at the Human Rights Monitoring Institute. Karolis has also acted as an expert witness in European Arrest Warrant cases on the issue of detention in Lithuania.

Roby Schons, Étude Michel Schons Krieps, Luxembourgroby 1

Roby Schons is a partner at Étude Michel Schons Krieps, where he specializes in criminal, labour, family and refugee law. Roby has acted in a number of successful claims before the European Court of Human Rights.

Mikolaj Pietrzak, Pietrzak Sidor & Partners, Poland

Pietrzak & Sidor, Mikolaj PietrzakMikolaj Pietrzak is a Warsaw-based advocate specialising in criminal law and human rights. A partner in the Pietrzak Sidor & Partners Law Office in Warsaw, Mikolaj is a council member of the Warsaw Bar Association and the Chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the National Bar Council of Poland. He is a member of the European Criminal Bar Association and an international member of the Perren Buildings Chambers in London.

Mikolaj specialises in criminal law and the protection of human rights, and has experience in a wide range of legal work including defending European Arrest Warrant cases. He has appeared before the Supreme Court of Poland, the Constitutional Tribunal of Poland and represented applicants before the European Court of Human Rights. He is currently the representative of Guantanamo detainee Abd al-Rahim Al-Nashiri in the criminal investigation conducted by the Appellate Prosecutor in Warsaw concerning the operation of the CIA secret prison in Poland, the detainment and torture therein of Al-Nashiri and other CIA prisoners, and the related abuse of power by public officials in Poland. In 2013, Mikolaj received the Edward J. Wende Award, which recognises lawyers who dedicate themselves to the fight for justice and defence of the public good.

Vania Costa Ramos, Carlos Pinto de Abreu & Associates, Portugal

Carlos Pinto de Abreu & Associates, Vania Costa RamosVania Costa Ramos is a managing partner at Carlos Pinto de Abreu & Associates in Lisbon, where she specialises in international and European criminal law and is responsible for mutual cooperation cases. Vania lectures on criminal law at the University of Lisbon, and is completing her PhD thesis on evidence exchange in the EU. She is currently secretary of the European Criminal Bar Association and has been elected as President of the Portuguese Criminal Lawyer’s Association in 2016.

Vânia concluded a Masters of Criminal Law in 2008, with a thesis on “Ne bis in idem and the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice – a fundamental principle of EU law?” and has published articles on various aspects of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law (including the right to silence and seizure of electronic mail) in Portuguese law journals and has guest-lectured in post-graduate courses in the area. In 2008 she started to lecture at the Law Faculty of the University of Lisbon, where she has been admitted as a PhD student with the Thesis “evidence exchange in the European Union – a European theory on exclusion of evidence in criminal procedure.”

Maria-Nicoleta Andreescu, Romanian Helsinki Committee, Romania

Maria-Nicoleta Andreescu is a sociologist with extensive experience in juvenile criminal justice. Andreescu joined APADOR-CH in 2007 and since July 2013 is the Executive Director of the association.

Her programmatic work focuses on documentation of human rights abuses, monitoring implementation of laws in areas related to access to information, conditions  of detention and police abuse.

Diana-Olivia Hatneanu,  Romania

Diana OlDiana-Olivia Hatneanu has been a member of the Bucharest Bar Association since 2001. Her work is focused on a variety of human rights issues, including the right to a fair trial in both criminal and civil procedures. She has successfully represented victims of human rights violations both before domestic courts and the European Court of Human Rights. Highlights of her mandate include Mocanu and others v Romania and Tatar v Romania.

Hatneanu also provides expert advice on matters related to human rights to domestic and international NGOs, as well as fellow lawyers from various jurisdictions. For example, her report on prison conditions is Romania was an important piece of evidence in Florea v Carei Court House, Satu-Mare County, Romania before the High Court of Justice of England and Wales.

George Gebbie, Black Chambers, Scotland

Black chambers, GebbieGeorge Gebbie is a barrister at Black Chambers, based in Edinburgh. He originally trained and practised as a state prosecutor before becoming a defence lawyer. George specialises in human rights and devolution issues and has worked on a number of prominent cases, including Campbell & Steele v HMA, HMA v Samuel Anderson and Megrahi v HMA. George has published articles on cross-border matters arising in criminal justice.

For many years George has been involved in the application of international legal norms in situations and cases both domestically and internationally. He has played a significant role in both cross-border and international law cases, as well as cutting-edge domestic criminal cases. He has also been involved in training colleagues from different jurisdictions and has in turn applied techniques and strategies learned from practitioners from other legal systems. Following his employment as a state prosecutor, throughout his involvement in these areas, including the writing of articles and the provision of training to different professional groups, George has at all times been a full-time practising criminal lawyer.

Selected publications:

Gebbie, G., “Conflict of European Jurisdiction – A Matter of Concurrence”, New Journal of European Criminal Law: Special Edition 2009, page 11 – 16.

Gebbie, G., ““Berlusconi” v. “Pupino”: Conflict or Compatibility?”, Journal of European Criminal Law: 2007 Vol.1 Issue 3 p.31-37. (This paper now forms part of the EUR-Lex doctrine on the “Berlusconi” case.)

Ondrej Laciak, Laciak & Co., Slovakia

IMG_7059Ondrej Laciak is a criminal lawyer specialised in the field of white collar crime, representing defendants and victims in the criminal proceedings. He is a partner in the law firm Laciak & Co. based in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Ondrej Laciak is an Advisory Board Member of the European Criminal Bar Association (ECBA) and a representative of the Slovak Bar Association in the Criminal Committee of the Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE). Ondrej is also Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava. Since September 2016, he is listed as an ad hoc judge at the European Court of Human Rights for Slovakia.

Carlos Gómez-Jara, Corporate Defense, Spain

Carlos Gómez-Jara is a Criminal Defence Attorney and the founding partner of the law firm Corporate Defense. He has worked on a number of prominent cases involving Spanish court secrecy proceedings (Candido Gonzalez Martin et al vs. Kingdom of Spain), the application of Article 54 Schengen Treaty to extradition cases, and ECtHR case law regarding human rights violation and extradition proceedings in Turkmenistan.

In Candido Gonzalez Martin et al vs. Kingdom of Spain, it was found that Spanish court secrecy proceedings  are violative of the reasonable time and right to prompt information provision contained in the Due Process clause of Article 6 of the ECHR. Fair Trials filed an amicus brief supporting the motion.

Carlos is also an Associate Professor of Criminal Law at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid and has published widely on criminal law.

Daniel Roos, Advokatfirman Sederholm, Sweden

Sederholm, Daniel RoosDaniel Roos is a criminal lawyer at Advokatfirman Sederholm in Sweden. He has a particular interest in human rights law and cross-border criminal justice issues.

Jodie Blackstock, JUSTICE, UK

logo.justice (2)
Jodie BlackstockJodie Blackstock
is a barrister and Director of Criminal and EU Justice Policy at JUSTICE. Her position involves briefing on proposed domestic and EU legislation in the criminal justice sphere, conducting research into the effectiveness of criminal justice procedures, promoting law reform, and intervening in cases in the public interest. Before joining JUSTICE, Jodie practised at 1 Crown Office Row Chambers.